Local Weather & Climate:

The West Highlands of Scotland has a bit of a reputation for it's unpredictable weather. This page is intended to help plan you stay as best you can and to dispel some of the myths around our climate!

What is the best time of the year for visiting, weather-wise?

This is a common question over the years. If you're fortunate enought o eb able to 



How bad are the Midgies

How much of a 'midgie season' there is is dependent on many varying factors.

Midgies start to be felt around 2nd half of May and have generally disappeared by mid-September.

Although harmless, then can be infuratingly annoying. They can be benign or utterly infiriating.

A slight breeze is the best way that midgies are stopped in their tracks. Here at Inchree, we are in on an elevated site, facing south-west down Loch Linnhe to the open sea. This means we often have a breeze blowing, which can make all the difference.

Below are links to the best forecasts for planning a West Highland visit, in our opinion. We use them daily.


  • Highlands  & Islands WeatherThe best general forecast for the Highlands. A Facebook platform service, very accurate,& useful for short-notice forecasts. Run by a Cairngorm-based forecaster and updated several times a day. Lee also offer a more premium forecast service for a bargain £1 per month. This gives more detailed descriptions & charts.  Details on his Facebook page.

  • Meteorological Office:   Detailed forecasts with 7 day outlook from the national forecaster. (Location forecast we use on this site is Oban Airport - although 25 miles away, as crow flies, it is a more representative weather station than closer ones to us.)

  • Meteorological Office, rainfall map: