Inchree Housekeeping Protocols

(Last updated 14/07/21)

Here at Inchree, we are committed to ensuring your stay with us is as pleasant as possible. As part of this commitment, we have always placed an emphasis on cleanliness within our accommodation, with thorough housekeeping & inspections having always been part of our daily routine.

The current Covid19 situation has meant the hospitality industry has had to look at and adapt their usual housekeeping procedures, and we are no different.

To reassure you that we are doing all we can, please see our revised cleaning protocols below.


  • We have thoroughly researched current Scottish Government guidelines on Covid-19 -related health & safety and social distancing measures.

  • We are sure you are aware of the guidelines surrounding hand washing, and we recommend that you regularly wash your hands using soap and warm water.

  • Our housekeeping team have been provided with face masks, disposable aprons and gloves, along with an updated cleaning schedule that emphasises the need to ensure handles, knobs etc are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  Our cleaning and disinfection products meet the BS EN standards and disposable kitchen paper is used for the final wiping of surfaces etc.

  • We have included a home cleaning pack. This includes multi-purpose surface wipes, disposable gloves and kitchen roll to enable you to clean surfaces as much as you see fit. You are welcome to take the hand sanitiser provided with you when you leave the accommodation. 

  • We have removed some of the soft furnishings and objects from around the property to minimise additional contact areas. All other linen is thoroughly washed to least 60 degrees centigrade.

  • All soft or porous surfaces (e.g. carpets, rugs etc.) that have sustained spillages will be cleaned with the appropriate product.

  • All bedding, towels, shower curtains will be washed in-house at the recommended manufacturers’ instructions with a disinfecting laundry detergent.

  • Windows & doors are fully opened when housekeeping first enters a chalet, in order to ‘air’ the property sufficiently before each a new arrival.

  • Anti-bacterial hand soap is available in shower rooms & kitchens.

  • We will continue to update & upgrade our policies & procedures as new advice & guidance becomes available.