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The Nevis Massif - Ben Nevis & The Aonachs Gallery

The UK's highest mountain is 7 miles to the north of Inchree. Many of our guests climb it during their stay.

A small mountain by global standards, (1345 mts.) Ben Nevis nonetheless shouldn't be underestimated. It's exposed, west-coast position subjects it to the full onslaught of Atlantic weather fronts & storms, meaning that harsh conditions can be experienced on it's upper slopes at any time of the year.

Ben Nevis is a mountain of 2 sides - it's southerly aspect appears more sloping & dome-like - although still ringed with giant gullys, butteresses & clefts in it's rocky side. The north side is it's most spectacular - the 600+ metre cliffs of it's north face being the closest feature we have in the UK to an Alpine Face.

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