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Glen Nevis Gallery

Glen Nevis is the spectacular valley that circumnavigates the southern base of the UK's highest mountain, Ben Nevis. Around 7 miles (10km) in length, with a road running all the way to it's craggy upper reaches, it is a glen of 2 halves, the lower and upper part. The lower glen has beautiful meadows from where you can amble along the banks of the River Nevis. It is from the lower glen that the popular path that ascends Ben Nevis's southern side begins from. 

The upper glen narrows continually into a Himalayan-type setting, with steep crags and the deep expanse of Nevis Gorge, where the River Nevis flows from it's watershed.

All through the Glen, there are parking areas where you can enjoy easy and short walks.

Despite it's dramatic scenery, Glen Nevis is probably Scotland's most accessable glen, with the entrance to the lower glen being only a 5 minute drive from Fort William town centre, or a relatively short walk.

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