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Inchree Chalet's Cancellation Policy

We understand that unexpected events can & do occur.  So our cancellation policy has evolved to be fair and attractive to a prospective booker.

With our policy, the booker does not lose any pre-paid deposit in the event of cancellation, and nor do we take 100% of the balance prior to arrival.


This is in contrast to most local self-catering establishments, who will: (via our own research)

-Take full payment of the balance prior to arrival, with no refund option nor credit towards a future stay if cancelled at short-notice.

  • In the event of you having to cancel your stay at Inchree, any deposit pre-payment is non-refundable but fully  transferable towards a future stay with us. (Less a £5 administrative fee)

  • Please note that it's the pre-payment that is transferable, not the booking. Any rescheduled booking is at the advertised tariff for required dates..

  • Cancellation can occur at any time prior to arrival. (So if your car breaks down while enroute to us, no problem.)

  • The time limit for usage of any credit is:

  • -Booker lives within the UK: Up to 9 months from start date of cancelled stay.

  • -Booker lives outwith the UK but in continental Europe: Up to 12 months from start of cancelled stay.

  • -Booker lives outwith the UK and continental Europe: Up to 18 months from start of cancelled stay.

  • If preferred, the credit can also be transferred to somebody else in your circles, to use for a future stay. (A voucher can be provided, if required.)

  • Please note that due to the flexibility of the above policy, cancellation reason isn't relevant to us. This applies to any reason. (eg; Covid19 restrictions, illness, work, etc.)

  • We respectfully ask that you don't make a booking with us if it is your expectation that any pre-payment shall be refunded in the event of your cancellation.